Harvesting Carrots

Products Your Entire Family Will Love


Seasonal Fruits

$3.00 lbs

Come U-Pick our Seasonal Fruits to truly enjoy what nature has to offer! Since 2015, we’ve become famous throughout Tully for our natural Seasonal Fruits. We make huge efforts so that we can guarantee that everything we sell at KowBell Farm is 100% natural. Due to our efforts, we are able to assure you that all of our produce contains the healthy nutrients that normally get lost when foods are traditionally grown.


Farm Fresh Eggs


 We have been told by many of our customers that they simply love our Eggs, and we can't say we blame them.  That's because everything we do at KowBell Farm is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and taste better.  Try it out for yourself.  You can pick up your farm fresh eggs at:

Anderson's Farm Market

The Local Food Market (Tully)

You can now enjoy our eggs at a local Restaurant!  Check it out for your self at Crazy Daisy 



$5.00 and under

Pumpkins are a actually a type of winter squash, some good for roasting and eating, others for decorating. From the smallest of pumpkins to the grandest of all we have them all here at KowBell Farm. What we grow is what we sell all of the pumpkins are hand planted and grown on our farm. Come pick your own pumpkin right off the vine.


Pasture Raised Chicken

$4.25 lb

We’re proud to offer our customers wholesome delicious healthy meat for your family.  Take home a whole chicken for dinner tonight!   You should know that everything we sell on our farm is grown responsibly and the quality is outstanding , so you can fully enjoy your meal with confidence.

IMG_1117 (1).JPG

Pasture Raised Pork

$650 a whole, $375 a half

We're proud to offer our customers wholesome and delious pastured raised pork.  We offer whole or half pigs, prices are listed above and include all processing fees.  To hold your pig we ask for a deposit of $350 for a whole and $190 for a half.  You should know that everything we sell at our farm is grown responsibly, so you can fully enjoy healthier foods.